Aug 072017

If you’ve ever been to a Brazilian restaurant, particularly for breakfast, you may have had an Acai smoothie or bowl – and probably become instantly addicted. With Sambazon’s frozen acai smoothie packs, now you can make them at home!

This variation includes an apple and lemon slice for added nutrients (as well as to use up extra produce!), so if you are looking for a more traditional smoothie, omit the apple and lemon slice.

  • a small banana, peeled
  • a small apple, quartered
  • three-four strawberries
  • one package of frozen acai, defrosted according to package instructions.
  • juice (or soymilk)
  • lemon slice (optional)
Put all ingredients into the Vitamix in order. If the acai is not fully defrosted, don’t worry about it – just break it into chunks with your hands before opening the package and adding it to the blender. Use whatever juice you have to add a little bit of liquid, roughly two ounces. If you like your smoothie to have a touch of “brightness” and you happen to have a lemon slice lying around, add it. Blend until all ingredients are pureed, then blend in a handful of ice to chill it and give it a good consistency. Serve in a glass and enjoy! (Makes around 16 ounces.)
Acai Bowl
Serve in a bowl. Top with granola – and sliced strawberries and bananas for an extra treat!
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